Craig Cogan Builder has completed many re-clad / renovations. If you feel your cladding may be beginning to fail, or know it is failing, feel free to discuss your concerns with Craig.

We offer professional advice and a ball park estimate from an early stage.

There can be some important decisions to be made early in the process and having an experienced re-clad / renovation builder to assist you is vital.

Paul and Amy (looking for a builder we could trust)

The beach home we purchased in Langs beach in early 2015 needed to be re-clad and renovated, but because we lived two hours away, we didn't have any builder contacts. Also, we led busy lives so we knew we wanted a builder in whom we could place a huge amount of trust.

After asking around we arranged a meeting with Craig from Craig Cogan Builders, because they had invaluable experience in these types of jobs.

Together with their Architect, Adam from Maxar Ltd, we roughed out a brief, a budget and a time frame for the job.

Once we had approved the Architect's concept plans, and before going to full working drawings, Craig gave us a rough, but detailed, estimate to confirm that the concepts were within our budget. Then, upon receiving full working drawings the estimate was revised and various parts of the job were either quoted or estimated depending on complexity.

From then onwards the Craig Cogan Builders handy online build program enabled us to make decisions and communicate with his professional team of builders and sub contractors directly from our home and offices. It also kept us up to date with weekly photos and schedule of how the job was progressing.

We really noticed how being able to communicate with Craig and get questions and decisions in a timely manner improved the efficiency of this build over previous ones. It also kept us updated on the budget.

The job finished a month earlier ahead of schedule and we were thrilled with the workmanship and professional standard of all the team involved.


  •  Before - Ruakaka Beach Before - Ruakaka Beach
  • Scaffold - Ruakaka BeachScaffold - Ruakaka Beach
  • Wrapped - Ruakaka BeachWrapped - Ruakaka Beach
  • Completed - Ruakaka BeachCompleted - Ruakaka Beach
  • Before - Langs BeachBefore - Langs Beach
  • Wrapped - Langs BeachWrapped - Langs Beach
  • Under wrap - Langs BeachUnder wrap - Langs Beach
  • Completed - Langs BeachCompleted - Langs Beach
  •  Before - One Tree Point Before - One Tree Point
  • Wrapped - One Tree PointWrapped - One Tree Point
  •  Under Wrap - One Tree Point Under Wrap - One Tree Point
  • Completed - One Tree PointCompleted - One Tree Point
  • Reclad Before - Langs BeachReclad Before - Langs Beach
  • Reclad After - Langs BeachReclad After - Langs Beach